I Miss Karaoke


  1. Wow naman! How are you? Father's day 6/15 send your dad a card.

    Just got back from rumba dance lessons 2nd day. Learned new steps. Your Rene goes for t.v./ casino.Come join me.

    Take care.

    Auntie Angie

  2. Hey edgar my friend I really enjoyed listening and watching you sing.. I've been wanting to hear you sing actually.. Have a great day to you.

  3. Hi Edgar I really enjoyed listening anf watching you sing. I have been wanting to hear you sing actually. Have a great day to you my friend. (pls delete the first message, I typed the wrong url)


  4. Hi Cousin,

    That was nice! Its like, its been ages since i last heard you sing.

    Do post more videos of you singing.

    Hope all is well with you. God bless and take care.


  5. bravo! mayat tu
    the last time i went home to Baguio 2005, geez! nagkalat mga ukay-ukay and videoke shops...whew! and they are all talented, and i was a bit ashame to sing, but what the heck, i wanna share my voice too, kahit out of tune, i would just say, "nabartekak ngarud"

    hope we could meet sometime:)

  6. hello, i had a great time watching and listening you sing. take care.

  7. hello kuya edgar...i enjoyed watching your music video...i can't help but sing too...hehehe

    take care always!

  8. Edgar, galing mong kumanta, pare!


  9. Salamat po! Thanks so much for the praises! hehehe *Blush*.. ayos ha. thats nice of all of you! Big Hugs


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