My Friendster Account was Hacked

I don't really recall how it all happened. But what I do remember was when i started noticing, I couldn't open a seemingly valid message that was sent to my friendster message inbox. Next thing you know, my PROFILE is no longer available. That didn't worry me at first because I thought our internet connection was probably slow (wrong!)...

Then my friendster friends are gone, then my friendster groups are gone.. next thing you nada - nothing. . It sucks!! Whoever did that to my account - Stop doing what you did to me! That's really mean! I don't think I have enemies at all.... why ?

Sira na my friendster account! I can't even log in!. Then it shows some weird address (probably where the hacker is from). I don't even know where that place is! (This is really so mean. - For anyone to do this to anybody) The worst part of it all is... SIRA NA. I can't even do anything to info all my 250 friends in there. And the "I Love Baguio" Group that I created with all of it's 1500 members! ) Not all of them kasi are in my e-mail account. So sad.


  1. RainDelta
    06/20/2008 4:32 am

    what happned 'cuz??? who the hell did that??? is there a way you can retrieve your creations???

    wahhh...sorry to hear inspired so much people tapos i ha hack???? haaayy....di bale, you can make another... better, if not the best pa!!!

  2. recently it happened on facebook too, my friend had sent her friend'slist a message about smoking weed.. and I thought.. WHAT? that was quite funny but not for the her...

  3. your photos are gorgeous! like scenes from a film, not just a postcard! :)

  4. nice blog tito edgar.sure my misses you but she can't use the computer that much anymore coz i don't let her.i am so naughty dats why..sorry..we miss you take care and godlbess
    hugs and kisses


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