July 31, 2013

Today our travel itinerary is from Kamloops to Whiterock. I took this from one of our bathroom breaks in Merrit. It was such a lovely day. Perfect for everything! Had my music playing while driving. Ron and I having our merry old conversations. I feel great!

Visitor information center, Merritt, BC

Three Frogs. Speak no evil, See no Evil, Hear no evil. 

I am grateful for the kindness that surrounds me everyday and I send the same energy to the world. Thank you, thank you , thank you!

 I do not have a name for him. 

Maybe I will call him Mr. Whitehead

Ron and I visiting our friend Allen in Whiterock, BC at a vietnamese restaurant. 

The Whiterock beach right after supper. 

Sunset.... such a beautiful feeling being there today. The feel of the ocean breeze and the sound of the crashing waves. It was just sooo relaxing. 

Ron and Allen visiting over Whiterock beach. 

A stranger having his "me" time by the seashore in Whiterock. 

These colors remind me of the sunsets we had in my old hometown Baguio, Philippines. 

In Crescent Beach, South Surrey, BC

Ice Cream after the beach walk. 

Italian Gelatos!

Aquarium lighting vent. 

Today was an amazing day. I am grateful. That's my latest update for now. Hugs to all

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