July 2013

House is all cleaned up. This has been my job to do and after more than 2 weeks, finally got it to the stage I want it to look. Ready for the future owners. 

late at night...

Fruits and Color


Bathroom all done

A good reminder for me for the day

Doing some test shots with GoPro Camera

Today in July, I got my new camera. I bought it online from  Canon Rebel T2i. I love it!

test shot. Hmm. There's lots to learn still. 

Reading up on the camera manual. Such a pain! LOL

Another test shot.

And another test shot

Eric was at the hospital this month

Hospital food.

I saw this at the hospital parking lot from an old truck. 

Mr. Mike's Menu cover

Tim - waiting for his food. 

Antler beer. 

Antler beer coaster

Antler Beer coaster


Ready for winter

Frank Fisher passed away this month. :-( 

Frank Fisher's Memorial Dinner

Frank Fisher's Memorial dinner

Frank Fisher's Family

Family Reunion

At Eric and Tim's home

A documentary film I was watching this month. 

A very good site people should go to about cloud seeding. Very important that people know about this!!!

Remebering Frank. I will miss you

Chinese Food. Lunch in Fruitvale.

The Tab

Fruitvale  Mural

Fruitvale Mural

Visaiting Amy and Aaron in Creston


  1. Your at home with a camera bro! - mav

  2. Mav - so far, i, still getting used to the new camera and i think im starting to feel moreat ease with it the moreI use it. Here in vancouver for a week and I will practice shot as much as I can. my skills are coming back and it feels good


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