August 7, 2013

The day went by fast. Done lots of walking today and enjoyed looking at so many things. 

Last night, we got to hang out at the Punpjacks till just about closing time. 

And in the morning, we got to spend with our friend Daryl. Went to for a walk to China Town and I got to explore a lot of the  stores and shops there. I even found a store that sells "White Rabbit" candy - brought back memories of what I used to snack on when I was in grade school. And yes, I ate the whole bag too! hahah!

We also got to enjoy lunch at a Chinese restaurant called Kam Gok Yuen. It only cost $18 for a meal for 3! Awesome!  In the evening We had dinner with our new friends Don and Gord by the dock. What an awesome day! Thanks guys! 

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