A Wonderful Visit in my Dream

I dreamed of the old house from my childhood. It looked like the walls were all damaged and cracked as if under construction. But for some reason the old green walls were still there; dark, gloomy and cold. 

Mama was wearing her green gardening shorts and her flower-green shirt she used to wear when she tended to her flowers on weekends, she was content, happy and smiling. 

Everyone at home was happy. Dad and all of my brothers were there too. 

I knew it was a dream because everything was not as they are, but what they are supposed to be ; and how it was when I was a child. 

When I mentioned about how I thought this must all be a dream to everyone in my dream, they said "why do you think this is a dream?" and I gladly said. " Look at the walls - if this were real, then these walls would have been fixed and they would be nice and white. Mama is here and yet I know she can't be here because she is in heaven" - all said matter of factly, joyfully, still enjoying the energy we all shared in the dream. 

But as soon as I made sense and affirmed it was all a dream, mama vanished and then everyone else vanished and the house is empty. I am overcome by a sense of loss and sadness at the emptiness of the house and I wake up.

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