Who Reads these thoughts anyway?

I for one, find reading blogs a bit much sometimes. I tend to read fast - take the essentials and move on. But I know for sure written words do take a bit from the writer - something more personal than ever. It is at times like tonight when I feel my keyboard is connecting with me and I let my fingers just glide.

So many people spend personal time choosing the words to write their thoughts the best they can and It is an insult in a way, how I simply browse trough them and forget feelings were in them as they were created - These thoughts have become simply words and they become meaningless - the connection lost, the essence gone.

When I catch myself reading too fast and not connecting, I slow down my reading process and just connect. Reading fast isn't fun for me. Taking time to read is fun, but reading for fun uses a lot of time and energy - but then so does other things that are fun; like swimming, going out for a hike or a walk or a drive or even just visiting friends and family.

What is the point of reading if it isn't fun? I'm going to write again. It feels good to tap on these keys and just let my thoughts flow through.

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  1. I've been following your blog for a long time. I love your photography but I also love your words and what they convey. I don't know you but you inspire me. I am happy to see you writing again. Pat (morning lens)

  2. Thank you Patty. You have inspired me and put a smile on my face. I have you bookmarked and now find pleasure taking my time reading your blogs. You are awesome. Thank you for connecting even if I don't know you either - your words do mean a lot andy very powerful positive vibes. I send these back to you.


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