May 27, 2011 - Graduation Day

Graduation ceremony. Today I graduate. What a most wonderful feeling. A few years ago, I remember writing a list of all the stuff I needed to do. I saw that the list was long. I realized that it will take a long time. I cried. Once I got over my frustration, I focused on my inspiration and just kept doing what I needed to do. It was a wonderful journey. Another chapter ends and a new one begins.

These are just some of the wonderful people I met during the program. I learned so much from them and myself.

Only a few of us attended the graduation ceremony. Back when I was younger, I didn't care for graduation ceremonies, I didn't know how privileged I was.

After the graduation ceremony Ron and I attended a local concert of the Bisset Singers at the Alliance Church in Cranbrook. Nice way to end the day.

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