May 17, 2011

Ron and I have been fans of "The Waltons" TV series from the 70's. We have been watching all the episodes from since the 1st season. The 9th season is the last one. - awwww :-(

May 17, 2011 - Things I need to get done!

I went out for a walk and found a rock that seem to smile at me. I loved the feeling I got from it and decided to keep it. It seems to magically make me smile. It's a keeper!

May 19, 2011 - Today I decided to go fly a kite on Rabbit mountain. It was such a beautiful evening (yes. It doesn't get dark til 10 PM now).

I brought a bottle of wine, Some great music and my kite. Oh soooo lovely!

Unfortunately, after about half an hour my kite string broke. I lost my kite to the trees below perhaps 800 meters away. I will find that kite one of these days.

Yes it felt that way.

I am grateful. Amen

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