Greenwoods Village, Cainta, Rizal Fire

Off to Manila today for 3 reasons: 1st - take my nephew to the airport , 2nd Visit family, 3rd Go to Palawan!!

Inside the Victory Bus Liner from Baguio to Manila

My window view inside the Victory Bus Liner

SM City Tarlac

An "empty" lot in Manila

Houses in Greenwoods Village, Cainta, Rizal

Having just moved to the new place, there were no curtains and bed yet. This is my nephew in the morning.

Later on during the day, someone's house in the neighborhood caught on fire.

I decided to see what was happening. So the following are photos I took that afternoon.

Small firetrucks were the very first responders.

Bureau of Fire Protection, Pasig City

The location

Worried neighbors

Running fireman

Another small volunteer fire truck.

Oh look there!!


Fire Volunteers

Very wet fireman

Mr. Fireman

Growing number of fire responders.


Fireman Investigating


A Volunteer shirt

A Child in a volunteer firetruck

Red Alert!!

Central Fire and Rescue Volunteer, Pasig

Fire Gear

Fireman 1

Fireman 2


Faces in the crowd

Neighbour's gate

Another very wet fireman in black

Orange Crew

Q: BFP stands for? ____ ___ ____ _____.
A: Bureau of Fire Protection

Water is good!

A woman fire-fighter in orange

The very wet firefighter.

Fire Hoses

Smoke everywhere!!!

The house that caught on fire

Inside the burned house

Reflections 1

Reflections 2

The house that caught on fire.

The house that caught on fire.

Reflections on the puddle 3.

Reflections on the puddle 4.

Address -

Reflections on the puddle 5

Reflections on the puddle 6

Concerned neighbours

Very busy crew

Woman fire-fighter

Fire Crew

Fire is contained.

Reflections on the puddle 7

People in the crowd

Reflections on the puddle 8

Reflections on the puddle 9

Reflections on the puddle 10


Smoke and Charr

Man looking at where he lived.

Man after his house caught on fire.

Shock and Grief

Gone - all gone

Ray of light.

Heat broke these.


Concerned neighbours

Fire Crew

Fire Crew

Fire Crew

The Scene of the Fire Incident.

This used to be the attic.

Poor burned house.

House Burned


Firewall saved the next house from burning.

Fire is now contained.

Fire is now contained.

Fire is now contained.


Happy Fire Volunteers after the fire has been contained.

Some of the many firemen

Some of the many fire trucks that responded quickly.

Here is a video:


  1. very well documented. great shots and excellent video!

  2. change ka na ng profession at sobrang galing mo as a photographer....

  3. very nice bro.. no doubt, you really pretty good with a camera!!

  4. masscomm ka nga tlga kuya thumbs up! ang galing galing :)


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