April 10, 2011 - Day 1 of 7 day vacation

My brother parked his vehicle here. They keep your vehicle safe and take you to and pick you up from the airport. Very nice service.

Checking in the luggage

My brother and my niece

At the Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3

Busy Travellers

Busy Travellers

Domestic Flights. Why so many? - Flights were delayed that day.

Domestic airport

Worried travellers

Finally boarding after an hour delay

My ticket

Yey! We are going to Palawan

Adrienne preparing her settings for the flight

Kuya is tired


Where I was at that time.

Philippine Islands

Beautiful Philippine Islands

Beautiful Philippine mountains

Goodbye Manila

Taal Volcano from the plane

Taal Volcano


Philippine Islands

Beautiful Philippine Islands


We have finally arrived in Palawan. It was only and hour to get there from Manila.

Photo-op. Yey we are in Palawan finally!

Puerto Princesa Airport. Palawan, Philippines

Inside the Puerto Princesa Airport

Me, My brother, My niece and my sister in-law.

with my brother and nieces

The airport

A Palawan dance troupe that was there to welcome some foreign dignitary from Egypt that day. So happy they let me have a photo.

The resort where we stayed for our first night in Palawan. I forgot to take a photo of their signage.

The front door from inside.

Inside the tricycle heading to a restaurant for dinner


This is a crocodile dish. It tasted like chicken and pork combined. I wondered if we were just made to believe we were eating crocodile meat, but the waiter tells me he gets that reaction all the time. I can now officially say, I have had crocodile meat and I know how it tastes. It's really good

Our first dinner in Palawan. Cheers!

Taking notes.

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