Longview, Alberta Canada

Today I found some very interesting things in Longview, Alberta. One of them was a small gift shop with all kinds of items. This shop is called "Wow and Then". Ron and I spent a bit of time looking at their displays and Pam (the store manager) was kind enough to let me "linger" there awhile. Their website : Wow and Then . I also found Laura & Pam's blog and The Vintage Chicks blog. Very nice!

Inside the very interesting "Wow and Then" . Inside we found antiques, collectibles, home decors and artisan works! Awesome!

Wow and Then

Wow and Then - a giftshop in Longview filled with treasures and interesting things.

A snow globe I found at the" Wow and Then" - reminds me of one I fancied as a child in the Philippines.

Bike in the snow - right in front of the "Wow and Then" in Longview, Alberta

Leaving Longview.

Snow patterns

Snow patterns.

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  1. Hi Edgar, thanks for visiting my blog "all about Pretty! and for your kind words. I'm glad you found my partner in crime's little shop in Longview, isn't it the cutest! Hope you can visit us at our Vintage Chicks Fair June 12,13 2010. Make sure you say Hi!

    Also Pam has a new blog you can check out at



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