December 21, 2009

No. 1 photo: Here's a view of Calgary that day on December 21, 2009 when we went there for our visits.

A snapshot of a biker in Calgary. I thought he probably didn't have much of a choice for transportation or was in a hurry. The roads were muddy that day from all the melting snow. I saw how the car ahead of us was rude to this biker - nearly side swiping the poor guy.

That night Paul, Ron and I decided to have dinner in China town. We decided to go to MBA restaurant as we had enjoyed the dumplings and soup the last time we were there.

Remnants of Dinner. Dinner was quite interesting. It was all new for all of us. We were given the ingredients and we had to cook them "Fondue" like. We were all so stuffed!

A Winter city biker in Calgary. This is the location where I had taken the No. 1 photo above.

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