April 1-15, 2009

Dear Friends and Family, How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing well and good. As for me, I am still working on my weight. I am now 146 lbs. I am now 3 pounds close to my target weight of 143 lbs. I want to be able to maintain that weight for a long time. It has been so easy losing the excess weight. The photo above are my tools for losing weight. It's all about the numbers (calories). I feel really good.

Ron and I went to watch a movie "I Love You Man!" that was a really good movie.

From 170 pounds down to 146 pounds in less than a month. That was easy!

My tummy is now flatter. Take note: I wasn't sucking it in. I used to have to suck it in to get it to look like that. Now it's just flat! I think I want abdominal definition next time.

I think we just discovered another favorite place to hang out! I love the view! I think next time, Ron and I will bring wine and some apples and play music with my celphone while watching the view. Next time, I will bring a real camera. But the celphone was ever handy that day!

That's my latest update for now! Happy Birthday to all the April Birthday celebrants! I send my love to all of you!

  • Happy Birthday to :
  • Ferdinand Gonzales,
  • Cecille Perez,
  • Arvin Cabrera,
  • Wilfred Nieva,
  • Lani,
  • Willy Alangui,
  • Victoria Laguiwed,
  • My Niece Adrienne,
  • Manuel Galvez,
  • Ericson Rivera,
  • Andre Nievera,
  • Madison Ivonne Antonio,
  • Dindo Dacanay,
  • Beth Nixon,
  • Aprille (Pinoy Community in Cranbrook),
  • Raquel Dacanay,
  • Jerro Alcrish Garcia and
  • Bebot


  1. hey, how did you accomplish that tummy thing??? It's purrrfect figure!

  2. Very easy my friend. Count your calories! Find out what your BMR is and just eat less than your BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate).

    Very very easy. It's very scientific too. If you do this right, you can eat everything you like and most likely not get fat.

    It's a lifestyle choice though.

  3. hi ed!

    now,i have to look into your bmr/calorie counting :) luv the flat tummy.

    thanks for the emails and keeping in touch.

    take care,

  4. congrats on losing that weight. :) tc!


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