February 1-15, 2009

Fox is giving me the look.

This is the Elko Community Hall.

Ron and Bill's Silhoette

The Old Elko Train Station

The Old Elko Train Station

Quite an Interesting looking structure. It has lot's of character! To me it looks like a museum piece. Brings you back in time.

Welcome to Elko!

I still don't know what this mountain is called. No one seems to know. I went on Google Earth. It didn;t say there eaither.

A Nice Red Barn

Railway Tracks

Evening is coming.

Frank at the Old Folks Home. He seems very content and happy. He says the food is great there!

Still don't know what this mountain is called. If you could name this mountain, what would you call it?


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of Elko. I've always wondered what it looks like and now I know. All my best you and Ron!


  2. i like the red barn! looks like a scene out of a movie! :)

  3. love the colors on the old elko train station!

    oh so much snow....i'm ready for spring, how about you? :P


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