Family Members in California

My Dearest Friends & Family,

Thanks so much everybody for being there for me and my brothers and their family! The Phone calls, e-mails and outpouring of support. Mama's passing was so sudden. It was a shock to everybody. Your presence and your support during those difficult times I will forever be grateful for.


My uncle Rene, My cousin's Mark & Roy

My cousin Abby and her hubby Allen .

My uncle Mike, my cousin Michelle & Myself.

Some of my family in California

Uncle Mike, My niece's daughter, Erickson, Cherylyne, Richard (with their friend) & Ben..

My cousin Mike and his Girlfriend

My niece Cherylyne - what would I have done without you?

Auntie Getty, Me, Auntie Angie & Uncle Rene.

Auntie Getty, Jerry, Auntie Angie & Uncle Rene.

Allen, Me, Dad Jerry, Michelle, Auntie Getty & Uncle Rene. When we saw the Picture, Michelle had goosebumps. I was happy though. It was like Mama's energy was there and she was trying to say goodbye too.

Thanks to all my love ones in the US. Love you all!

In Canada . . .

Also much thanks to Ron (who was always supporting me in every step of the way and back) , Kerry & Shawn (in Vancouver) , (Alvin of North South Travel who booked my tickets in Vancouver) & Bill who picked me up at the Calgary Airport when I got back. Friends and Family. - all those who sent e-mails and made calls (I can't name all of you now but you know who you are).


I really appreciate you guys. More than words can express. I am forever grateful.

Big Hugs,

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