What Happens Now?
Where Am I going to?

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  1. Dear Edgar,
    You are just 30 and you feel frustrated?Look at me I am 35, and if
    feel tons and tons of frustration (not to mention exasperation) in
    that should be me. Technically, i can say, I am going nowhere, and I
    have my dreams to count(???)
    What I want to say is, we cannot have everything we want in life
    immediately, we have to live one day at a time, make the most of that
    day, try to enjoy it and we will be okay. Of course you are right in
    thinking of the future, but sometimes, we have to take it slowly so as
    to be overwhelmed, so as not to be afraid of the uncertainties. We are
    still very lucky, don't you think?
    I cannot even give you sound advice because, you are luckier than me my
    friend, but all i can say is, Let us not lean most on our understanding
    the song goes, we have to ask from our Creator, He will give us the
    answers, little by little. Sometimes He even sends someone,
    I just felt like i had to compose my thoughts, and comment because, I
    felt what you have been feeling while you were writing this piece, many
    in closing, let me say, there is a time for evrything under the sun.
    for us not to feel the weight, let us take one day at a time my friend.
    Its me,


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