May Road Trips

Walking in Granville street with Ron sometime in early May 2015

This was taken somewhere in Hope, BC - on our way to Calgary, Alberta

Thought it would be nice to check out the town of Yale. We hung out for a few minutes looking at Garage sale items. We didn't buy anything. 

One of the things I saw at the Garage Sale

Hells Gate, BC

Kinda Reminds me of that film "Psycho"

Visiting our Friend Brian

Our Friend Brian

Flowers blooming

Inside a Mall in Kamloops, BC

Visiting Ron's Sister & Nephew

Taken on our trip to Calgary

Paul's Couch

Bill's New House

Revisiting Calgary at night

Marvinn & Beth's Home


My Very good friend Marvinn

Mike's Balcony

Pizza for Dinner

Revisiting Elko, BC

Revisiting our old walking route in Elko, BC

Foxie! I love you!

Visiting with my friends

I lived here once - One whole year. At Auntie Pepita's place in Cranbrook.

Luke lives here now. I went to visit him.

Flowers in Tim's garden

Foxie is getting old now. He is feeling tired a lot. 

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