June 1-8, 2014

This is the bedroom. This is what I wake up to every morning. 

Our office. Ron's PC is to the right and my Mac is to the left. 

I bought this fabric at Dressew. It was a good way to hide the filing cabinet. Heheheh

Movie Night. 

Coffee in the morning. 

Ron says the pineapple was on sale. 

Gelato one afternoon. 

I love this photo of Ron

I found good use of the plastic dishrack from Dollarama. It holds my iPad and keeps it stable on the floor while I drive. This is how I get around Vancouver.  Without this GPS - driving would be hell! 

Another lovely afternoon - biking with Ron. 

Been advertising my photography services and  this was one of the settings for my clients.  So far all is well. I have been sending out resumes everywhere and I may be working a lot soon. Big hugs to you all and until next update!  


  1. We are fine, but I see you guys are great! I am so happy for you both. You took a huge chance on change and it does you both well!

  2. Hey Edgar, thanks for sharing your blog! Looking forward to reading your future posts


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