September 2013

This was before the OS7 update was available. Back then my iPhone was perfect. After the OS7 update my perfect iPhone became a piece of crap. It totally changed how my phone worked. The feel of it, the look of it, The response time and I can go on and on - it works…but the magic is gone (It just doesn't work anymore for me). After the OS7 update, I have lost future interest in buying another iPhone.  

In September, Ron and I had the chance to visit Alberta


On our way to Calgary on a sunny summer afternoon. 

My very good friends for 2 decades now.

Some beers during my visit to friend's new home.

Good Friends. 

Dinner at Paul's Place. 


My Good Friends

Out for a walk in Calgary one September afternoon. 

A walk to the Weir

Calgary, Alberta from our walk that afternoon. 

The Sky looked surreal. 

An ad I'd seen on the screen. 

Driving Back home from Calgary

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