September 10, 2012

Random things I see at work 

 When I see the display is running low, I re-stock them. 

And to save time, I take photos with my ipad.  makes it so much easier to do my job. 

Somewhere in this photo is a very tired old man who had been biking for days. He is from South Korea. When I had taken this photo he was on his way to Edmonton (OMG!!!! thats so far away!). He reminded me of a Shao-lin Master. Wish I could have known more about him and his story. All I knew is that He was tired and he needed some water and so I gave hime some. I offered a chair for him to rest but he refused and just pushed through. 

 Big Turks need a refill! 

 I've never had these. I was told they were incredibly sweet. 

And that's a glimpse of what working at the Gas station is like. 

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