July 2011

I was on my way to work a 12 hour day shift from 7AM to 7PM. This was the day's first photo.

The photo I took after I got home from work that same day.

Thursday after doing another 12 hour shift. I was waiting for the train to pass by.

The sound of the train can be heard in Fernie all the time.

Monday Morning. After more than 2 years, I finally complete the last episode of the Waltons (All 9 seasons). The last 4 seasons were not as powerful as seasons 1-3. Without the original John Boy, It was bound to go down. The stories just became less believable. But still, I will miss this.

One day in Calgary.

A bridge in Calgary


My Zodiac Sign is Scorpio.

Pharaoh Mirror

She looks so evil doesn't she?

Something about this just connects.

These look tragic - at least that's the kind of feeling I get when I see art from tombs.

Son of the Pharaoh Gift Shop in Calgary.

Try and visit that shop if you ever find yourself in Calgary. They do have some pretty interesting things. Look for Paul.

I want a ring for my pointer finger (index finger). My ring size is 11.5




I will have my eyes done again in a few years.

I found this chair a perfect fit for me. In IKEA. I would have bought it it we had room at home.

At an IKEA show room

Caregiving - It isn't for everyone, that's for sure.

On our way to Red deer one day


At a gas station in Crowsnest Pass.

Trading in my bike (too big for me). This bike required the rider to have longer and more powerful legs. I was a bit short on both.

I finally got the bike that fits me perfectly.

Gone to the Movies one evening.

Biking with Ron

Me and my new Bike

I love biking


wilting flowers

I like the shiny prisms this makes.

Biking alone

Some stuff from the library

An audio book that kept me company a few times as I drove to and from work

I did a short shift today. This was at the parking lot from where I work just as I was about to head on home after work that day.

The last pack I brought with me from the Philippines. :-(

On my way to work on another day

Gone biking and found this on the ground.

It makes a good work of art doesn't it?

I love my new bike

Not a day goes by that I don't use my iTouch and my iMac. So worth it that I switched to Mac 2 years ago. I'm still in love with them gadgets.

In Vancouver

Matching shirts - haha

I love Ho-Ho's

Fireworks in Vancouver remind me of a time when my mom was still alive. I miss her.

At a lake close to home.

My old bike

Tae means Shit in Filipino.

On my own

Train Passing by

Road to the right turn to Silversprings Lake

Our cabin

I was this age last year


In Vancouver

Gay Pride.

Man with Red Balloons

Pinoy Pride

Pink in the crowd.

European dish



English bay

At the lake

Blondie hanging out with me.

purple flowers

My old bike

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