August 16-31, 2009

Dear Family and Friends, Hoping that everyone is having a grand time! I could feel that summer is fast fading away here in Elko, British Columbia.

I had recently just bought a LaserJet printer in preparation for school this coming September 8. I think I like this so much better than an color ink printer (the print cartridge is cheaper in the long run - but it only prints black and white. I think it was a good decision for what I will be using it mainly for)

This month, Ron and I spent a four days doing some roof work in the cabin. Thank God for the fine weather. But in the early morning of the 4th day, It rained and - oh boy.... adrenalin rush! Ron and I had to get up the roof and lay some protection on the wood as we didn't want the work we had done from the past 3 days ruined by the rain. It was dark and we were hammering away at early morning. Neighbors were wondering where all the hammering noise was from disturbing the peace at that tie of the day. hehehe.

This was taken on the 2nd day of our roofing project. It was sunny and extremely hot! I loved it! It was fun! I didn't used to do stuff like this in the Philippines. In Canada, i got to learn so much! Thank you God!

Taken at the end of the 4th day. After the roofing project was finally completed. Ron and I donned in our work clothes (we had to throw them after because we had tar stains all over - they don't wash away)

My sticky, dirty knee pads. It was a wonderful feeling taking this photo. By then ofcorse we had just completed doing the roof! All nice and new again!

Summer is coming to an end shortly.

After working on the roof. Ron and I went to Calgary. I needed to purchase some stuff for the room I was going to be staying at in Cranbrook. IKEA. I like that store because it just makes conceptualizing a room design so easy. All the materials are there.

Visiting with friends at Pauls

Dinner at Paul's

Paul. Thanks so much!

Calgary. We went out for a nice sunny walk

Shiny Biker. He was looking at me I could tell! heheheh

The Coffee Store.

A self Portrait. Do yo like my sapatos?

Makulay ba?

A Crab Apple. That's the crab apple tree where I got it from. It tastes good!

One of the sculptures I had seen that day.

Man walking. He had 3 huge bags of potato chips in his bag.

The Chinese temple in Calgary

Crownest Pass. We were on our way back home to Elko.

The Room I will be renting in Cranbrook. Only 11 ft. by 11 ft. This is before I did some work on it. It needed some badly needed freshening up.

It's a very small room.

A paper model I made (miniature dimensions) of the room. This was my tool is actually conceptualizing and making sure everything was properly measured and comfortable. So i could maximize the space. The goals: Make it bright, make it feel spacious, make it functional, have tons of storage, make it happy.

Day 1: I repainted the Ceiling and the Walls, Created a wooden frame to hold a curtain wall. Behind it would be my storage area. Painted that frame. I attached the curtain rods. Then I shampooed the carpet.

Some cheaper storage shelving solution. Very easy assembly

Plastic is convenient sometimes!

Day 3

At the end of Day 3. My room project completed. Goals all checked.

Starting September 8, 2009 this will be where I will be staying 5 days a week for the next 10 months or until the course duration at the college is completed. The best part about this room is that it is only 5 minutes walk to the college. I won't have to do winter driving!!! yey!

What I learned from this project: I am a natural carpenter (with the right tools ofcourse) and interior designer (thanks to the many TV shows I have seen). I learned how to use patterns and neutrals. I was my own interior designer. My concepts and planning worked even on a very tight budget! Ron has been very supportive of my (our) goals. I am very blessed.

That's all for now. Catch up with you later, Edgar


  1. Hi Ed great pictures! and you look fantastic, you look so refreshing and so boyish, wish i could lose that so much amount of weight too,
    hehe. Love you & miss you heaps -doyette

  2. Lovely room Edgar. I'm not sure whether I like your photography or interior decorating better! You are so skilled. Hope your school year goes well. All the best to you and Ron.


  3. Doyette, The excess weight is really very easy to lose if you understand and put into pratice the flow of energy into your body, measured in Calories. Remember energy In (food) and Energy out (daily activities) must find an equilibrium once you have achieved your desired weight. If you want to lose excess weight, just eat less! Big hugs to you and your family! Love you friend! hope your birthday was a blast!

  4. Daryl, Thanks so much for the praises! From the book I just read.. it advised that when one receives praises, one should enjoy them as they come..... and so Daryl, I am smiling with joy for the complements! I thank you very much! Ron sends his big hugs too! Take care dear friend! School starts in 4 days! Oh my!

  5. wow, ang ganda, you are so creative.. at first i thought it looked too small and perhaps a bit depressive, but you transformed it! now i got a good idea for my room too.. goodluck for college.


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