June 16-30, 2009

Dear Family and Friends, Hello! How is everyone doing? I hope all is well and things are good. The weather has changed now. We have been experiencing a lot of sunny days. I love the summer heat and loving the darker shade on my skin. It's just awesome.

I took this photo from inside the car at the Overwaitea parking lot in Fernie, BC

The Old Folks Home

Teddy Bear wanting attention


The white car was once my car. I did not want to put any more money into it to keep it running. I donated it to someone else who would have better use of it.

A mood ring I had bought for $4.75 at the 3 Valley Gap. It changes color based on body temperature. It's quite interesting.

Her name is Ivory.

Ancient Art

Glass Art from the Early 1900's, Georgia's Window

The Love Bug - Calgary

I had returned the iMac i had bought a week ago from Future Shop. The sales representative there lied to me. So I took my business elsewhere. I went directly to the Mac dealership in Calgary where I got a much better deal. I am very happy with the purchase.

Summer Daisies

Moss. Direct sunshine makes it neon green. Very beautiful.

Taken during a short hike up the mountain close to home.

The wild Chicken.

Elko, from our hike with Paul

Chives. The taste was a very strong onion. Not my favorite taste.

Notice. The kids weren't listening to Ronald McDonald.

East Indian Design seen from a pillow on display during the Sam Steele Day Fair in Cranbrook.

Oink, Oink! - One Happy Pig

Taken from an Old Church in Cranbrook.



  1. remarkable photos as usual! the wild chicken is wicked! the love bug is so retro! and ivory is adorable!

  2. Hello Edgar Lorenzo :)
    it allways so great to hear from you but I think You Need to stop dieting now you are far to skinny Edgar, you look better with a little meat on you.......HEY!!! What about weight lifting..hmmm:)?
    Love your personal blogsight. Incredibly beautiful pics along with the music.....WOW!!!
    You are such a creative fella and your photographs are AMAZING!!

    I will check in from time to time to see what is new on your 'blog'. So gladyou are enjoying your summer, are you still planning to go to school this fall?

    Keep in touch
    Lots of Smiles and huge amounts of Laughter,



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