May 16-31, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

So far, so good. Can you believe it? 5 months of the year has already gone! Tomorrow will be June 2009 already! Weather is fast improving here in Elko. For the past 2 weeks we had been enjoying wonderful warm weather. We had a few rains, but this last week was mostly sunshine! I had been enjoying cutting the grass and biking around the small town of Elko.

I now enjoy a fluctuating - but healthy weight of 139-141 pounds! I would like to be able to maintain this heathy weight for a long long time.

Spring Semester at the College of the Rockies has officially ended. I am almost done with all the requirements needed to gain entry into the License Practical Nursing Program in Cranbrook. Ron is now back working.

I miss all of you!

By the way, Happy Birthday to all the may Birthday Celebrants! Special mention ofcorse to Manong Ben, Manang Mei Cerezo, Jeannete Jaime, Nikka Antonio, Lilibeth Antonio, Marvinn Antonio, Doyet, Brenda Hill, Ate Imee, Auntie Pet, Auntie Lynn Floresca. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Big Hugs to all,

Rip and Richards, Fernie. I ordered the Hot and Spicy Chicken burger. The red onions still had the film in it. Everytime I had a bite , it was all stringy. It reminded me of a documentary film I had seen just recently about parasites found in meat. It was discusting! Ugggh! Plus it didn't taste any good at all. I will never order that burger from Rip and Richard's ever again! or make sure not to order anything that had red onions in it when I find myself in that restaurant.

Wall Art

you Like?

One of the things I enjoy watching at home. When the hummingbirds come for a "feeding". There must have been 9 hummingbirds in this shot alone!

I had seen this show on CBC. It was so good.

Dr. Oz and Oprah. I was watching TV one afternoon. . . ..

11 pounds of food! You can eat all of this in a day to provide you with all the daily requirements your body needs! Notice though - that is if you ate it as is. Raw. I guess if everyone ate food like this, none of us would be fat. No processed foods like cheeze or mayonaise, candy, cookies. Upon watching this show, I felt I now want to switch eating as much veggies as I can.

I had a moment there.

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

I took this during the Spring Sem Closing Lunch that the ABE Class had last May 29, 2009. It was good to see other ABE students there. The food was wonderful!

Big Hugs to All,

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  1. Hi cousin, miss you!! I wish I could be as consistent as you with journaling and as creative with the photos etc...I'm just too lazy! haha. Keep up the writing! I enjoy reading them! Hugs and love to you!


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