March 1-15, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day Poster taken at an the Rocky Mountain Village in Fernie.

This is what keeps the residents of the Rocky Mountain Village entertained. The Rocky Mountain Village is a facility for semi-independent living. It's where Frank lives now.

Lime Colored Toque. Toque is a Canadian name for what the manin the photo is wearing on his head.

Who Dat?

A frozen window. This is what frost does to plastic. Isn't beautiful? Nature's design?

This place I think is a Canadian Institution. The place is named after some famous Canadian Hockey Player.

Winter still.

The Mail Boxes. Ron reading stuff on the community "billboard"

The Mountain with no name that I love to photograph.

My latest news for now. I got a message from the College of the Rockies that i won the video contest. 1st place. I won $250 and a $150 value Flip Video. This makes me smile. I have a new toy. I will try and upload some home videos sometime soon. Thanks to everyone who left some comments on the video entry.

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting! Happy Birthday to my Brother Lito and My Daddy Pepito. Happy Birthday Also to Raquel and Qryz. MY nephews In Japan and Philippines, Amor, Roberto, My cousin Michelle Vergara. Love you all.


  1. Edgar!!! So nice to find you here! :) Hope we can exchange links. Nice photo blog you have. :)

  2. hey you!!! finally got to grab a second on the computer. just checking out what's happened to you since. still happy i hope. i will post something soon. TC.

  3. Edgar! I forgot to tell you, this is ELCAR. You might not recognize the pic. :) you can reach me at

  4. that's a lovely, nameless mountain!

    whenever my family is in canada, we always drop by tim horton's...canada's own dunkin'! :P

  5. hi po claisyl to. ganda tlaga ng canada sana makapunta ako dyan sometime in the future...ok naman kami dito...regards sabi ni mama...


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