09. September Letter

Manong Timmy and Ate Imee, Manong Lits and ate Lucille, My Dad & Step dad, Manong John & Ate Josie (Kahit wala kayong e-mail), Nephews & Nieces, My dearest Uncles, Aunties, Cousins and ofcourse all my dearest Friends,

Here is the latest about me. Ayan na muna ang e-mail ko sa inyo. OK naman ako. I have updated the photos and I hope you enjoy them. I even added some videos kasi tamad na ako mag explain ng photos ngayon hehehe. Halos 1/2 year narin ako na hindi nag update so I just worked on it a few hours last night and today... para makahabol sa updates. I miss you all and I love you all. Pasensya na hindi ako nakaka pag e-mail monthly like I used to. Just been so different since mama passed on - parang nawala yung drive ko. But rest assured I try to keep myself sane and happy. hehehe.

1) Meron na akong open work permit

2) I left my old job and now am jobless (by choice)

3) Hanap ako ng bagong trabaho in a few weeks

4) I've changed my address. I now live in Elko at Ron's house.

(Walang cel service dito) so my old cel doesn't work here. If you need to talk my new number is 1 250 529 7709

5) My new address is P.O Box 908, Elko BC, V0B 1J0, Canada

Hope to get a response from you soon. Do leave comments on my blog. It's because of you guys that I still bother doing blogs, otherwise, what's the point right? So make sure to visit it.

Love you!

1 comment:

  1. hello got your new address how are you already, is there any problem brother. kelan ka online. take care
    we love and miss you


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