04. Apr-14-2007- 56 for Mama


56 Lengths for Mama

Total of (1.4 Kilometers)

I learned how to breathe just yesterday.
I learned how to swim today.

Every length reminded me of each year you lived.
I reached one arm after the other -
reaching for time, reaching for hope.

One length after the other,
one year added to the other.

Further - further I go....
learning... and living... Thinking -
how swift the years go passing by....

The pool closes.
It has been an hour.
Today's swimming ended on my 56th length.

Yesterday I learned how to breathe
Today I learned how to live.

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  1. Thanks for sharing with me . I hope things will go well . I'm sure we may get to a point where you will need help but that can be handled then . Keep up the great swimming . Maybe I'll have to film your new style !


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