03. March 2007

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Nothing much here - just living live one day at a time. No. Nothing exciting like winning 250 Million dollars or meeting The Queen of England...Nope.. just me and my friends here and just mundane things. But hey, I thought of you today. Keep in touch OK?

March 10, 2007 Saturday

Today on my free time, I was able to hang out with Rossini and Marivic in Cranbrook From 12:00 noon to 4:30PM . All we did was actually drink coffee in the mall and chit chat. Haven't actually hung out together for a while. Had a bit of Chinese food too.

0703_01I found out that Ate Rossini was actually doing some "sideline" making jewelry. She says that takes a lot of her time now as making pieces of fashion accessories like these actually took hours. Click on the pics to see the picture in full size. If you like them, Just let me know e-mail me and we will get you some. I don't know how much they cost though. I think that the bracelet on the right cost $25.00 . The earings though I do not know. If Ate Rossini is reading this now, Please leave your details on my comment box. Thanks.

Here is what the mall looks like from where I was seated (having coffee) with Rossini and Marivic. Free Refills!. It was Nice hanging out. After this, I had to go back to work at 6:00 PM.

That's it. So nothing much here. Jeez what do I put in this blog now? Anyway - that's my latest update. With much love!!

March 11, 2007 - Sunday

0703_04SPRING FORWARD - Today, the clock had to be advanced 1 hour ahead (to be precise It had to be done at 2:00AM this Morning) Daylight Saving Time. On November it will be "FALL BACK" - which means the time will go back to Mountain Standard Time. The clock has to be re adjusted again. It will then be 1 hour back.
At past 2 in the afternoon today, I was able to leave work to enjoy my day off. I drove to Elko...which is an hour and 15 minutes away - to where Ron lives. I hang out there every time I have a day off. It is where I can actually get sleep 8 hours uninterrupted in the week. Thank Goodness.
0703_06 When I got to Elko, I was feeling a bit tired and sleepy. It was quite foggy too. Ron was home and he invited me to go for a walk. And so we did. The snow is now melting fast. Everywhere you go seems a bit muddy at times. But I don;t mind. I like the weather being gentle. I have had enough of snow...Early Spring is here..
0703_08Here is me walking - Ron took this photo.

0703_10Here is a photo of a doe - we see a lot of these in our day to day lives here in this part of Canada. It is quite nice.

0703_11 Ron, Frank and Myself went to Fernie at around 6:00 PM for Chinese Dinner. We had smorgs. It was so Goood!!! I ate tons. An hour before that, I took some "diet" drink (so I could cheat and eat more at the smorgs) . I didn't know that It would give me the Sh*ts! - oh boy - that 30 minute trip going back to Elko from Fernie after was Hell for me. Hahahahahah.
0703_13 I took this picture myself - when we were on our way to Fernie..

0703_15 This is a shot of what it looked like just outside of CEDAR Lodge where we had smorgs. We had so many choices - All sorts of salads, Luncheon meats, Chicken noodle and wanton soup, Special fried rice, Chowmein, Sweet and sour pork, mixed veggies, Beef fried veggies, Ginger Beef, Chicken Balls, deep fried chicken etc.. so you could imagine how wonderful it was for me. Normally, my diet is only about 1500 calories a day. I must have eaten about the same amount just in a single meal. But hey!!!! I deserve it. It is my day off!! And I have already lost 20 lbs. Tomorrow, I will be back to my normal diet of course.

0703_16 This is what it looks like in most places in the area now. With the temperature today at around 2 degrees Celsius it was actually considered "warm" hahaha.

Well that's it for this time. Big hugs,



March 11, 2007 - went for a walk today in Elko



March 21, 2007 - It's cold outside



March 21, 2007 - Ron after a wonderful walk together on my day off



March 24, 2007 - Hmmm nice..


  1. Hi Edgar! Thanks for post the jewels on your blog. The bracelet usually cost $25.00 but the earring's price varies, the one on the picture is $20.00.

  2. hi edgar... ang ganda ng bago mong BLOg.

    i feel like ive known you for AGES!!

    i wish i could start a BLOg of my own too... maybe one day...



    from your new "friendster" ,


  3. Hi,I enjoy reading your blog....nakakainspired kapag binabasa ko lalo na yung tribute to your mom,sana may nanay din akong tulad ng mom mo?.Naikwento ko sa cousin mo about the blog,buti pa daw ako nabasa ko na kaysa sa kanya.By the way your cousin pala is Ben but i call him Ferdy hehehe why dont you email him and to inform about your email ulit,trabaho muna ako

    Take Care,

  4. Hi Edgar,

    nice pictures!!!! Regards from the pacdal people
    ate monik

  5. Hey Bro,

    Great pix! We're doin fine here. Me, Antot and Qryz don't often meet that much. We've all got something to do. But when we do get together, it's the same as usual - SHOT!
    HELP has this new building, as big as Coyeesan Mall, great facilities! Im back as Supervisor and, as usual, workin my ass off. Beth is taking care of the kids. Monikka will be grade 1 in June (SLU Lab). Madison will be turning 2 next month. Beth is learning how to drive and is in charge of the family business together with Patrick (Julie, Tay and Nay are already in the US). There are quite a few changes you'll notice when you come for a vacation. Well bro, you take care and say hi to Ron.


    Mon, 19 Mar 2007
    00:27:07 - 0700 (PDT)


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