02-26-2007 at 02:36 AM

Lord I Have A Problem - Depressed Ako!

I was feeling sick and weak.

I did not give up.
I was trying my best to recover so I can do my job.

I was judged with anger and hatred.
But the critic knew not what he was saying.
I am committed to my job.

Pass your judgement on to me.
Presume you know so much better.
But do what I have to do.
Put up with what I have to,
Do the best like I do.
You might break down & get sick too.

So go ahead and verbalize your ignorance.
Go ahead and satisfy your hatred,
Your craving to look down on me.
Think yourself all so mighty.

Carry your hatred
Carry your doubts
Weigh yourself down
On less worthy grounds

You stand there
Looking mighty and proud
In your heart is anger
In your mind is pride

I look at you from here
But I see no greatness
For all your grandeur is but a sham
And all I see is sadness

Lies lies and you totally believe it
Lies lies and you spread and preach it
Live by it. Live In it

You actually believe what you think
When your thoughts are constricted
When your thoughts are all BUT love

How Can I love thee?
Who pass such unworthy judgment on me?
How can I love thee who treat me with such indignity?

Lord guide me to love
Help me to humble my proud ego
Teach me to be an instrument of your truth

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  1. Heyya, nice blog! Hope you enjoy all the best that life has to offer. Be happy, my friend!



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